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peace of mind

Philips DynaPower system

Clean water for
less energy

Philips DynaPower system for maximum performance, maximum savings.

  • Immediate energy cost savings compared with similar drivers on the market
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Knowing you're safe
  • Improve your green footprint
Enter your details to find out your savings:
Number of Amalgam lamps:
Number of lamps per system: iEach system consists of one driver and two lamps.
2 pieces
Number of drivers:
Wattage: iPhilips DynaPower driver covert the complete TUV Amalgam 230W, 260W and 335W XPT(Extreme Power Technology) lamp range
Current driver: iOld generation: Comparable drivers that are already on the market for many years
New generation: Comparable drivers that have been recently introduced to the market
Please adapt, if necessary:
Burning hours:
Energy rate:
Calculations based on 230V, power output fluctuates depending on
Voltage used.
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